worth the entire 5:51 minutes. so pretty.

hannah cohen -baby-
a film by matthu placek
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galería. andrés.

image source / fantastic man

taste the rainbow.

ok ok,  i know this is yesterday's news.
but what at first felt like indifference towards another celeb-brand collaboration
has now bloomed into complete and utter obsession. 

i need to get my hands on at least a pair of these.
my options are now narrowed down to teal, bright yellow or 
that sort of dusty lavender at the end of the second row. 

-pharrell x adidas supercolor collection-

street chic. white noise. 

image source / garçonjon


photo credit / manuel moncayo

interior. noventa y uno. 

photo credit / unknown

galería. lose yourself in something ancient and perennial. 

fotografía de ben weller
via homme mode(l)


galería. fleet week. 

fotografía de chuando & frey

street chic. true devotion.

image source / style.com

buscemi phd backpack
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